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Apart from our usual sailing and charter services, we offer exclusive luxury services on demand. Please feel free to contact our team for information, unique plans, packages and special routes.

Photo Shoot at Sea

Photo Shoots

Spectacular sunsets against the brilliant coastline of Goa and settings of splendour on board our yachts make for awesome photo opportunities.

Image by Zoriana Stakhniv

Bachelor &

Bachelorette Parties

Enjoy the single life one last time in style with your best mates on board a Luxury Yacht. With everything taken care of, all you have to do is show up and have a blast!


Birthday Parties

Everyone's had their fair share of parties on land, so why not choose the sea this year. Book our yacht for your birthday and celebrate like never before.


Engagements &


Show them how much they mean to you by sailing in a luxurious private yacht towards a romantic sunset. Pop the question and share some champagne on deck to usher in a new and exciting phase of life.


Retirement Parties

Celebrate your success by taking a cruise on a luxury 66 ft Yacht, with 3 bedrooms, lounge areas and personal staff to serve you. We also offer a host of other services. You’ve earned it.

Champaign Bottle and Glasses

Corporate Events

Looking for team building opportunities and morale boosters for upper-level management? Show them how much you value them by treating them to a luxury cruise down the Mandovi river and a chance to network in style.

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